Nashville, TN – Miracle LLC, a leading real estate and M&A advisory firm in the car wash industry, and Attlee Realty, LLC, a commercial real estate brokerage specializing in car wash acquisitions and mergers, today announced they have merged operations. The combined company will retain and operate under the Miracle brand and offer an unparalleled suite of advisory services for buyers and sellers in the rapidly growing car wash market.

The merger brings together Miracle’s successful advisory practice with Attlee’s deep expertise and authority in commercial real estate and the car wash industry. By joining forces, the combined firm can provide a truly comprehensive set of strategic advisory and execution capabilities to investors, operators, and entrepreneurs in the car wash sector.

“This is an exciting day as we unite two leading firms completely focused on driving success for clients in the dynamic car wash industry,” said Thomas Coffman, Founding Member of Miracle. “Attlee’s talented team and strong industry presence, especially in the central and southern U.S. markets, compliments Miracle’s national footprint. Together, we are uniquely positioned to deliver strategic advisory and transactional excellence.”

The combined firm will be headquartered in Miracle’s existing offices, while maintaining a strong presence in Texas anchored by Attlee’s office in McKinney (N. Dallas). 

“The merger with Miracle represents a unique, strategic, and cultural fit that allows us to offer the industry and our clients a superior level of value and excellence in representation.  By combining and expanding our capabilities, resources, and expertise, we will further solidify leadership positioning in the market – not only the car wash industry, but in representation in any sector of business and commercial real estate nationwide” said Veronica Attlee, Founding Member of Attlee Realty. “Our companies are acutely aligned in vision, principles, and values with mutual ideals in prioritizing integrity and putting human values and needs at the forefront of all that we do.”

The merger forges a united commitment to core values underscoring accountability, loyalty, responsibility, integrity, gratitude, humility, and collaboration.  These values are clearly exemplified in the extraordinary people that make up both firms. 

Their mission now is to set the defining standard in integrity-driven advisory services by producing impactful strategies that result in mutually beneficial returns for all stakeholders, as well as leading by example, serving clients, and inspiring positive change across the industry.

With the combined scale, capabilities and experience of the merged firm, car wash owners, operators and investors can look to Miracle as the go-to partner for strategic advisory, M&A, real estate, financing and other services.   


About Miracle LLC:

Miracle LLC is a leading real estate and M&A advisory firm specializing in the car wash industry. With a mission to set a defining standard in integrity-driven advisory services, Miracle LLC provides a wide range of services for buyers and sellers, fostering strategic partnerships that drive growth, innovation, and success for its clients.


Atlee Realty

About Attlee Realty, LLC:

Attlee Realty, LLC is a commercial real estate firm headquartered in McKinney, Texas, specializing in car wash sales, acquisitions, and mergers. Founded on a solid history of integrity and expertise in the car wash the commercial sectors, Attlee Realty also offers elite representation in retail, office, industrial, land and land development.



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